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Stainless Steel Range

Industrial inox stainless steel range

"Industrial Inox" Stainless Steel Range

The "Industrial Inox" stainless steel range from Carl Stahl offers special stainless steel slings and load suspension equipment for demanding industrial applications. Their rust-proof surfaces make the products ideal for use in the food industry, chemical industry, dye works, pickling plants, hardening shops and shipping industry - or in other words, in all areasareas where corrosion is a problem and aggressive materials are used.

The Inox stainless steel range includes:

  • Chain slings, bulk chain
  • Master links, shackles
  • Stainless steel bulk wire rope
  • Wire rope slings
  • Turnbuckles, lifting points
  • Assembled terminals
  • Load suspension equipment
  • Manual pallet trucks

A detailed overview of all the products from the "Inox stainless steel range" product area can be found in our product catalogue.

Stainless steel wire rope