Aluminium Gantry Cranes

Aluminium Gantry Cranes

  • Highly mobile
  • Flexible
  • Height and Length Adjustable
  • Stand alone
  • Assembled and Disassembled with ease and relatively few steps.
  • Modular System
  • No changes to existing structures are required (such as drilling and attachment to walls or ceilings) for the system to be utilized.
  • Due to our broad product range we are able to offer great variation in the Aluminum Gantry Cranes available in our standard product assortment. This is reflected in our comprehensive and inter-compatible products ranging from
    • collapsible, small, load capacity 1 000 kg – single beam up to movable under load, collapsible, high, load capacity 3 000 kg – double beam.
  • Crane variation - Stationary
    • In many situations the stationary Aluminium Gantry Crane is an advantage due to the feet which ensure optimal safety in the majority of load bearing applications.
    • If required, the Aluminium Gantry Crane can be outfitted with wheel kits.
  • Crane variation - Movable under load
    • This Aluminium Gantry Crane is design to be moved while carrying a hanging load such as in instances where machinery must be newly positioned.
    • Our competitors: Assembly and methods of use documentation: The Aluminum Gantry Crane is not permitted to be moved while carrying load.

Product features

  • Height adjustable lateral stand (for both stationary and movable under load models).
    • greater range of adjustment
    • adjustable in increments of 50 mm
  • Height adjustable feet (stationary model)
    • range of adjustment 400 mm
    • adjustable in increments of 40 mm
    • The Stationary Gantry Crane can be optimally adapted due to its individually height adjustable feet. The 4 feet can be individually set to an appropriate individual height to ensure that the Crane stands firmly and can be optimally utilized in all terrain locations.
  • Park Brake Trolley
    • The Trolley can be moved under load on the Aluminium Beam.
    • Ease of use, operated through the use of a band system (stoplight principle: red – stop / green – the trolley can be freely moved).
    • The trolley can be freely moved along the length of the beam but can also be fixed in any position along the length of the beam.
  • Bump Stop - Collision protection for the trolley.
  • Integrated Horizontal Adjuster
    • Through use of the horizontal adjuster device the usable beam length of the Aluminium Gantry Crane between the lateral stands can be easily adjusted to any required position.
    • The trolley rail length of the Aluminum Beam is variable. This is a value adding feature due to greater flexibility for the user.
  • Model – Aluminum Gantry Crane, movable under load
    • with 4 / 8 steel castors
      • heavy duty polyurethane lining
      • with integrated caster and swivel head brake.
    • Other wheel types for example wheels with direction fixation can be immediately delivered.
  • Model – Aluminium Gantry Crane, with double beam
    • Some Crane types due to static and safety reasons are constructed with double beam configurations. This provides a higher stiffness for transverse loads.
    • Optimal use of the Crane‘s height. Due to the top mounting of the trolley on the double beam, a maximum suspension point in relation to the Crane’s height is achieved.

General Features

  • High stability.
  • Integrated height adjustment bolts (permanently attached to the Crane‘s frame).
  • Minimal Crane weight to load bearing capacity ratio
  • Assembly and disassembly without tools.
  • High quality materials including customized aluminium profiles, high quality plastics
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Variable dimensions possible, for example
    • beam length (dependent on Crane model) available in lengths up to 8 000 mm
    • separable / pluggable beams.

Ample accessories

  • Many of these accessories provide for a safer working environment. For example: Manual Trolley Direction Bands, Hand Winches. The user is able to stand outside of the potentially dangerous lifting zone (for example when moving the hanging load, or when changing the height of the Crane beam).

Individual and client specific customized solutions

  • One of our core competencies is tied to the continual requests for custom designs and productions for our clients.
  • We design, construct and complete all products in house.
  • Individual parts and components can be ordered from us for many years

Shorter dispatch times due to inventory on hand, fast delivery

  • All components are available and ready in our warehouse. Consequently we can quickly respond to our clients‘ needs, even including same day handling of requests. We are true to our delivery conditions.