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Mass & Balance Calibration

Mass calibration is the calculation of conventional mass with reference of specific gravitational and environmental conditions. For calibration of the balance, it needs a true weight to tune itself. Calibration is done by giving a base point (ZERO) and establishing what is the full capacity (SPAN) weight.

In the event if you may have any calibration related query, you may send an email to Calibration@CarlStahl.ae or call us at +971-4-333 3494

Mass & Balance Calibration Instruments :

  • Digital Weighing Balance
  • Analogue Weighing Balance
  • Batch Weighing Scale
  • Hopper Weighing Scale
  • Crane Scale
  • Weighing Bridge
  • F2 Class Weights
  • M1, M2, M3 Class Weights
  • Platform Scale Up to 60 ton
  • Weight Adjustment