Manual Lifting Equipment

Manual Lifting Equipment

Carl Stahl manual lifting equipment makes lifting heavy loads easy.

Manual Lifting Equipment, Hydraulic Lifting / Hydraulic Transporting Equipment, Lifting Accessories or Gears or Tackles and Fall Protection Systems with international competence situated in more than 65 locations all over the world including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The compact chain blocks and ratchet hoists from our Premium Product Line CondorLift fulfill highest requirements regarding quality, price and performance and are designed for demanding applications.

Discover our product range:

  • Chain blocks and lever hoists
  • Trolleys and beam clamps
  • Hand winches (wall winches, console winches, rack jacks)
  • Rope pulling machines (manual and motor-driven, rope pulleys, accessories)
  • Snatch blocks, rope pulleys
  • Retractors and balancers