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Load Restraint

Load restraint suppliers UAE

Load Restraint

Proper load restraint saves lives and ensures that cargo is delivered undamaged to its destination.

The purpose of load restraints is to secure the cargo against any acceleration, retarding, centrifugal and vertical forces and thus prevent it from sliding, tipping over or falling down.

Carl Stahl offers a wide range of lashing straps, lashing chains grade 8, 10 and 12, lashing systems, anti-slip mats and an extensive program of lashing accessories such as protective sleeves, ratchet pads or edge protectors.

The Carl Stahl product range includes:

  • Ratchet straps
  • Lashing chains
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Load restraint accessories
  • Load restraint nets

A detailed overview of all the products from the "Load restraint" product area can be found in our product catalogue.

Load restraint accessories