Electrical Calibration

Electrical calibration refers to the process of verifying and adjusting the readings of any instrument that measures or tests electrical parameters. To perform this electrical calibration process, highly precise reference instruments are used with the combination of some particular tools.

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Electrical Calibration Instruments :

  • Multimeter
  • Clamp Meter
  • Volt Meter
  • Ampere Meter
  • Resistance Meter
  • Capacitance Meter
  • Power Measuring Instrument
  • Energy Meters Single Phase or Three Phase
  • Resistance Box
  • Signal Generator
  • Oscilloscope / Scope Meter
  • Power Supply
  • Megger
  • Earth Resistance Meter
  • Battery Tester
  • Welding Machine
  • Multifunction Calibrators
  • Temperature Simulation
  • High Voltage Tester
  • RCD Tester
  • Loop Tester
  • Timer / Stop Watch