Crane and Industrial Ropes

Carl Stahl Crane and Industrial ropes – always the right choice

Whether on construction sites, in production halls, at offshore sites, in elevators or in the logging industry: Industrial ropes from Carl Stahl are used in many sectors and for countless applications. Tailor-made to the requirements of our customers we will always offer the best solution – no matter if bulk or assembled. Ideal for everyone who puts emphasis on quality, price and performance.

With our long experience and excellent expertise we know exactly, which rope suits your requirements. Make your choice from a wide range of leading German and European manufacturers, as well as from our premium-product range CondorRope.

More than 600 reels of special- and stranded wire ropes in different diameters are stocked in our warehouse, available in OEM quality or as high grade CondorRope alternatives. We offer a wide range of tower crane wire ropes for Liebherr, Wolffkran, Potain, Terex-Peiner, Cadillon, König Cranes, Pekazett, Condecta, Arcomet, Ferro, Terex-Comedil, Raimondi and others. With our international distribution network consisting of 60 subsidiaries all over the world and our exclusive express delivery service you will receive most of the products within 24 hours. This also includes items from our accessory programme like terminals, thimbles or the environmentally friendly lubricants and corrosion inhibitors of our CondorLube range.

Equipment and Services:

  • Swaging up to Z 56 / XL 76
  • Annealing and cutting machines for wire rope Ø 3-60 mm
  • Mobile rolling machines for wire rope Ø 2,5-28 mm
  • Casting platform with a height of 3 m. Casting possible for rope diameters up to approx. 90 mm
  • Winding machines for spooling of wire ropes up to a weight of 8 tons

Abbreviations for core-types of parallel laid ropes and rotation-resistant ropes

Term Abbrev.
Single layer ropes:
Fibre core FC
- Natural fibre core NFC
- Synthetic fibre core SFC
- Massive polymer core SPC
Steel core WC
- Wire strand core WSC
- Independent wire rope core IWRC
- Independent wire rope core, compacted, separately stranded IWRC(K)
- Independent wire rope core, polymercoated, separately stranded EPIWRC
Parallel laid ropes:
Wire rope core in parallel lay PWRC
Wire rope core in parallel lay, compacted PWRC(K)
Rotation-resistant ropes:
Core element
- Fibre core FC
- Wire strand core WSC
- Wire strand core, compacted KWSC

Lay and lay direction

z = right hand lay
s = left hand lay
sZ = right hand ordinary lay
zS = left hand ordinary lay
zZ = right hand lang’s lay
sS = left hand lang’s lay
aZ = right hand alternate lay
aS = left hand alternate lay
K = in front of rope or strand construction indicates a compacted strand or rope
Strand types
S = Seale
W = Warrington
F = Filler
WS = Warrington-Seale
M = Cross lay
N = Compound lay

The product range includes:

  • Stranded ropes according to DIN EN 12385-4
  • Special wire ropes
  • Wire ropes for logging
  • Disposable wooden reels
  • Thimbles
  • Terminals
  • Rope pear sockets
  • Spelter sockets
  • Wire rope clips
  • Snatch blocks
  • Rope sheaves
  • Environmentally friendly rope and chain lubricants
  • Cablegrips

A selection of crane and industrial Wire ropes can be found in our product catalogue.