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January 2013

Exclusive WirtschaftsWoche ranking

Carl Stahl among the top 100 German SMEs

What is the secret to success of the 100 best German SMEs? According to management consultant and economics professor Bernd Venohr, “they find gaps in the market, are innovative, operate internationally, have solid finances and have developed an impressive brand” – all attributes that apply to the Carl Stahl Group. “We therefore regard our position among the top 100 German SMEs as both an accolade and a form of obligation”, stated Managing Director Wolfgang Schwenger.

At the instigation of WirtschaftsWoche, the Munich-based management consultant and economics professor Bernd Venohr studied 1,500 SMEs with a turnover of between 50 million and one billion euros and a leading position on the global market in their business field. The results were published in the edition 4/2013.The Birch Index devised by the economist David L. Birch of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology was then used to create an exclusive top 100 ranking. The Birch Index multiplies each company’s increase in turnover by its percentage growth in the last ten years. In the period from 2001 to 2010, the Carl Stahl Group increased its turnover by 85.5 percent from 115.92 to 215.00 million euros. That results in a Birch Index of 183.77, placing Carl Stahl 86th in the top 100 ranking.