• Carl Stahl (Abu Dhabi), P.O.Box : 92607, United Arab Emirates
  • Carl Stahl (Dubai), P.O.Box : 26607, United Arab Emirates


The Carl Stahl Group is a global enterprise. The family-owned company with its international competence has 70 locations on four continents and offers innovative and future-oriented solutions in the fields of Lifting Technology, Architecture and Technocables.


Sales figures proof that there is a strong demand for Carl Stahl products all over the world. In recent years figures regarding turnover, subsidiaries and staff have been continuously rising. Especially in the nineties the company grew rapidly, and the growth still continues today. From 30 million € in 1990 the company turnover soared to 341,8 million today. A wider range of products and services has contributed considerably to this success and also allowed the development of new markets and target groups.

The number of Carl Stahl locations worldwide multiplied tenfold in the last 40 years mainly by acquisitions and take-overs, but also by founding new subsidiaries. The jump between 1972 and 1997 is due to the foundation of many new locations abroad but also in former East Germany. Today Carl Stahl serves customers from 70 locations on four contintents